Part 2: Mixed Race Family Must-Reads January 2016

Here is part 2 of Mixed.Up.Mama’s January must reads. Feel free to share and comment!

Finding Home in a Mixed Marriage by Mixed.Up.Mama

14 Children’s Books with Multiracial Families by

What Goes Through Your Mind: On Nice Parties and Casual Racism hosted by

Talking about Race in Ballet Class hosted by The Washington Post

10 Reasons why Parents should read Multicultural Books to their Children hosted by In

Why I won’t be Watching the Oscars this Year by Mixed.Up.Mama

‘The Talk’: 6 Muslim Parents on what they’ll tell their Kids about Islamophobia hosted by

A Multiracial Mom wonders how her son will see himself by

“Mummy, I hate my sticky-out Bum”: Why being a girl AND mixed race is a double whammy by Mixed.Up.Mama

Mommy, Why don’t I look like you? by

Laying the Foundation for Healthy Racial Identity: Toddler and Preschoolers by

Am I doing enough to pass down my Heritage? hosted by momentum

Mixed Hair Care: Wash n go and how to safely detangle Curly Hair by






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