mixed race family must-reads

Mixed Race Family Must-Reads: Featuring ‘Talking to Children about Race’

A summary of April’s mixed race family must-reads continued…Ranging from book reviews by yours truly to talking to your children about race. There’s so much to share this month!

Guest Post Book Review: I like Myself by Mixed.Up.Mama

“Jussie Smollett Talks about Growing Up in a Biracial Home and Pranking his ‘Empire’ Costars” by ABCNews

“Why I want to Read Books with Protagonists of Colour to my White Son” by race conscious.org

“What is Multiracial Motherhood anyway?” by DeSu Mama

“What White Privilege Looks Like as a Parent” by MusingMomma

“Please contain your curiosity about my Biracial Child?” via MixedRemixed

“6 Myths of Interracial Marriage by a Latina Wife” by DeSu Mama

“Top Tips for Motivating Your Bilingual Children to Speak their Languages” by Multilingual Parenting

“How to Mess up your Kids’ Understanding of Race” via ScaryMommy

“Should We Talk to Young Children about Race?” via Psychology Today

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